Where’s Kharaj?

Dear Friends,

I have 2 shows that popped out of the Blue. This announcement goes out for the Lovely North Carolinians…and any other lovely folks passing through the land of many Pine Trees!!!

Next Friday, July the 11th, I will be making my début at the Honeysuckle Tea House in Chapel Hill, NC. I here they have many many many type of teas, coffees, foods, and other what nots. You can check out their menu and other info at: https://www.honeysuckleteahouse.com. I will be performing from 7pm – 9pm on the sitar. While I have been traveling only with the surbahar these days, this sitar is a loaner from a friend. I played on it once before and it is exquisite! It is a Vilayat Khani style sitar with the tone from the 1970’s Bollywood era. It sounds like if the mighty Rais Khans has blessed it with his tone. But, that is just my opinion; you will have to come out and hear for yourself. (Since I normally play Ravi Shankar style sitars, this will be a rare opportunity to here me play a completely different instrument!!!)

Then after we have Tea, we will head towards the beach! July 18th I will be performing a House Concert in good’ol Wilmington North Carolina. I will be armed with the surbahar for this one. Since this is a house concert, you will have to RSVP for the address. You can email: michaelgriska@gmail.com or call Angelika at 910-398-7683. I have played here once before and it is a great place for Hindustani Music. This concert I will focus on Dhrupad style Hindustani (deep and meditative) then after the music we will have a Satsang. The Satsang is a question answer that lets us talk about the music.

I also want to send my thoughts and well wishes to those in Wilmington. As they just had Hurricane Arthur pass through.

Until next time stay safe and don’t forget to listen to good music. Remember, friends don’t let friends listen to bad music!


About michaelsitar

I am a fellow who got mixed up in Indian Classical Music. And this is where you can find out about my adventures down this wonderful path of the Unknown Musical What Nots!!!
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