Riyaz is first and most important, all else is second.

Hello Everyone,

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage.  This letter is slightly overdue, but arrived nonetheless.  As last year withered away and this new 2014 has crept in and taken root, I have been busy shifting music gears from yesterday’s intense riyaz to today’s music performances. 

I have launched this website, with the help of a friend.  It is my hopes and ambition to make this website not only a place to find out about my future happening, but a place to inform people about Hindustani Music and related topics.  Yes, it will be slightly educational in the years to come.  For insistence, what is a “riyaz”?  Well, to add confusion, I could have used the word “sadhana” instead.  For now have the fun of trying to say the words and enjoy the confusion.  If you need the instant gratification, Google is only one window away  🙂

Some of my goals for this website are to have literature about the sitar and surbahar and other Indian instruments.  I often get asked how I can learn sitar from a sarod player.  Simple I say, my Guruji sings everything!  I would like to explain very simply and deeply what a raga “is.”  Some people ask why does the music have to be so long.  Does the music have healing properties?  Where does the music come from?  I will give some insight on the history and culture of the music.  i.e. Why do musicians in the Northern regions of Indian mention hours of riyaz?  Yet, musicians in the South mention hours of sadhana. 

These things will all come in time.  As I have found out, being a musician does not mean just music.  It means maintaining a practice routine on top of booking shows, promoting, instrument maintenance, administration and accounting work, travel organization, and there is one thing else…oh yes, performing the music!!!  But most importantly, my sadhana is first and most important, all else is second.

If you would like to receive emails about future concert details, feel at liberty to sign the mailing list.  It is very easy.  Send an email to michaelgriska@gmail.com with “Sitar Mailing List” in the subject line.  You will also receive a monthly newsletter and information about private house concerts.


I hope to see you soon, cheers!


About michaelsitar

I am a fellow who got mixed up in Indian Classical Music. And this is where you can find out about my adventures down this wonderful path of the Unknown Musical What Nots!!!
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